Lini Evans
Multi-Lingual Singer and Film & TV Actor
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Film & TV


100+  Credits in Film and Television


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As both an actor and singer, Lini’s passion is bringing lines and lyrics to life, to move and engage audiences. Since being discovered by a talent agent while singing onstage she has acted steadily onscreen, has trained in her craft and garnered more than 100 Film & TV credits

She began in TV commercials as many actors do. A favourite booking made use of her multi-lingual skills when she filmed five different dialects for language-learning software. For years on commercial breaks, Lini could be heard repeating “Now I speak Mandarin!”

Advancing to TV shows and film roles, a career highlight resulted when her passions of singing & acting & languages intersected. Acclaimed Amazon series “The Man In the High Castle” had Lini co-write then perform her poignant Japanese version of the song “The End of the World” onscreen in a first season episode.



I’m privileged to work with so many dedicated, creative people; with stories that can enrich & enlighten lives.
— Lini



Lini has appeared in dozens of films and movies. Late Canadian icon Alan Thicke portrayed her love interest when they starred with Rachel Boston and Niall Matter in 2016’s Stop the Wedding. During filming, cast & crew enjoyed his witty ad-libbed lines. Alan was a gifted songwriter and like Lini, pursued both screen and music careers.

Some of Lini's other Lead roles include Harvest Love  and Walking the Dog for Hallmark USA, Love, Again with Teri Polo and The Tree That Saved Christmas starring Lacey Chabert, which became a New York Times’ top holiday movie. She hopes to reprise her role if a sequel is made of fan favourite Unleashing Mr. Darcy, written by Teri Wilson and played by Ryan Paevey. 



Lini enjoys a diversity of roles in many exciting TV series. She’s been featured in several debut season succcesses such as E!’s The Arrangement and CW’s Arrow, plus a recurring role on A&E's acclaimed Bates Motel as mother to Nicola Peltz. Notable roles were with ever-popular 'Winchester' brothers Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki on Supernatural as well as Jorge Garcia and Sam Neill in J.J. Abrams' TV series Alcatraz.

My favourite episodic work was a guest role on Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle when I wrote and performed the title song The End of the World in Japanese. Subarashii!
— Lini



Big words taste good. In fact, that’s how Lini began doing Voice overs - as one of few Vancouver actors able to rattle off complicated phrases and medical jargon such as keratoconjunctivitis sicca and cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion. Dry material indeed, but somehow for Lini, languages and long words simply taste good.

Then there was the hilarious Old Spice campaign Lini voiced with many million views on YouTube. Other work includes corporate and commercial clients for beauty, health and pharmaceutical products, as well as bilingual for Bell Canada.