Lini Evans
Multi-Lingual Singer and Film & TV Actor
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Live Performance Clips in Several Languages


Lini's Japanese End of the World on The Man in the High Castle


A favourite uptempo Mandarin songs I sing is 瀟灑走一回 (Run Without Care) by Sally Yip 葉蒨文

My most powerful Cantonese song is the dramatic 上海灘 from a TVB series of the same name, Shanghai Bund. It’s an honour being told I’m known for performing it.

Fronting the popular 16-pce Champagne Orchestra for many years expanded my song repertoire from the 1940’s onward for every kind of fun Corporate Entertainment gig.

Top Cantonese song by Paula Tsui Siu-fong 徐小鳳 and I’m often referred to as Canada’s Tsui-Siu-fong!

My Acting Demo Reel, with a new one in the works!